How to Get Connected After Changing Your Phone Number

Letzwapp Communications, Inc., Portland, OR, USA has introduced an App named LetzwApp that works like a digital switch to update your new phone number by replacing your old phone number in your contacts.

It’s commonly understood that LetzwApp is a messenger App, but in the actual sense, it’s not. Instead, it has multipurpose functions making it a top-notch mastermind application.

One of the unique features of LetzwApp is its ability to automatically update and replace your old contact number with the new one. It is a fantastic innovative App suitable and compatible with all devices.
LetzwApp enhances users experience with specially constructed Android functions and Smartphone features which automatically create an amazing edge among other mobile Apps.

LetzwApp’s founder and entrepreneur, Sriram Varadhan is an Innovative Thought Leader and has provided practical solutions for those who want to change their current phone numbers for new ones without losing any information. It is also the best choice for those who change or switch their phone numbers on a regular basis or those who are having issues with phone reception in their offices and homes, and those who use Vonage, Google phones, and Skype phones.

LetzwApp is new in the technology market and is gaining momentum among other mobile Apps in the industry. To use this friendly app, users are required to input their numbers into LetzwApp that will then automatically update all the contact details from the previous contact number to the new number without losing any information.

For everyone who wishes to be available 24/7, LetzwApp is the best choice as it keeps you connected with your contacts. The App is professionally designed with many popular features to suit your interest. The most important reasons for developing this quality app was to provide the ability to stay in touch with your family, friends, and colleagues.

LetzwApp is a unique App designed by expert, founder, and entrepreneur, Sriram Varadhan with the best innovations and ideas that can work smoothly on any device.

New users are provided with a two-month free trial, and at the same time, it is available with in-App purchases by Actions.

As with many other mobile applications, LetzwApp works in such a way that all contacts on your mobile phone must have the LetzwApp installed on their Smartphones and mobile devices for better performance. Mobile updates automatically take place on the phone, and it is a friendly and easy-to-use mobile application.


The following are the some of the reasons why you need LetzwApp on your mobile devices:
1. LetzwApp will ensure you remain visible to your contacts at all times.
2. LetzwApp is designed to assist you and your business, your family, and your colleagues, and to keep your customers at your fingertips, resulting in better relationships and reliability.
This provides a communicative avenue for your business where you can relate directly about your newly available products and offers to your potential clients and customers. This provides a better platform to advertise your business to the entire world and easily connect with your contact lists.
3. LetzwApp creates a fantastic and exciting platform for your business, and families to make communication comfortable.
4. It is flexible, simple to use, beautifully interfaced and user-friendly.
5. It helps to keep your all your contacts intact, so no loss of any information.
6. It comes with a two-month trial.

If you wish to know more about LetzwApp, then visit YouTube for the Product Demo and get a better understanding of the mobile App. Alternatively, you can visit or Google Play Store or App Store to learn more about how this App can benefit you.