glass skylight in kitchen

Kitchen Designs To Increase Space and Light

Did you know that you can increase the value of your home by over $50,000 just by adding a glass skylight to your kitchen? Or that you can increase the space of your kitchen with just a few simple renovations?

The kitchen is one of the main areas of the house that needs to be designed and taken care of properly. The spacious the kitchen, the better it will be.

If you have a kitchen but it is low on space, here are certain ideas that will help you increase your kitchen space.

Skylights – Add Value and Space

A Skylight is a great way to increase the sense of space in your kitchen and also markedly improve the value of your home.

Given the central place that every kitchen has in the home, it is, more than any other room, a deal breaker in real estate.

A recent article I cam across in the UK Telegraph put me in mind of the idea.

In it, Justin Seldis, from Sunsquare, said there was rising demand for skylights on flat roofs, not only to let in more light (which they clearly need), but also because f the value that a glass skylight could add the home.


While I would recommend you don’t try and install one yourself, you can vet the glass cut and prepared by a reputable glass installation firm and have it fitted by a specialist carpenter.

Two businesses I would recommend you talk to are and

Skylights are no longer just a square pane of glass that can be pushed up to let in air. In recent years they have become increasingly sophisticated.

Many are designed to open automatically if the temperature gets too high, and to close when it rains, giving homeowners peace of mind if they accidentally leave it open when the weather turns.

Anyway, I asked around the office for another half dozen ideas on how people can increase the space – or the sense of space in their kitchens. Here were their suggestions.

Go For Single Bowl Than Double Bowl

Rather than going for a single bowl, try to go for a double bowl as that will help you save more space. You can find single bowls in many designs and styles.

Moreover, finding these bowls is not a problem as they are easily available everywhere. Single bowls help you save space and add a lot of room to your surroundings.

Wall Mounted Storage

If you have a blank wall, don’t hang a calendar. You should try to make the most out of the space that is available by mountain rows of the racks on the wall from above to top down.

Use S-hooks if you want to save space and want to hang kitchen tools and then to install a magnetic knife rack.

Add Coffee Cup Holders

Putting coffee cups here and there in the kitchen not only add to the mess but they also eat up the space a deisgn space savers

Therefore, if you want to save space, make sure you add coffee cup holders. Coffee cup holders can save space in the cabinets and counter tops.

You can add more space by mounting an extendable coffee cup holder which measures dimensions of just a few inches.

Stacked Cabinets

Another addition you can make to the kitchen is to add stacked cabinets. Stacked cabinets ensure that you have a lot of space when space is tight.

You can always add cabinets that are big in length so that they fit well.

These cabinets will, therefore, ensure that you have a lot of space added in the kitchen to add your kitchen appliances etc, and that your things are not scattered around.

When scattered, the kitchen can become really messy and it eats up a lot of space.

Mounted Knife Rack

Knife blocks tend to eat up a lot of space as a result of which knife blocks are known as space suckers. You should, therefore, try to keep your tools in reach by adding a knife blocks rack.

Find Any Forgotten Space

Moreover, if there is any forgotten space, make sure you check those areas. If there are any areas besides the corner, make sure you cater towards them too.

small kitchen design ideas

Whichever forgotten space you find, make sure you find it and use it to install anything useful such as a drawer, a cabinet etc.

Remove The Door

Last but not the least, you should remove the kitchen door because doing so will create a lot of space. Make sure that you do this to have a wide opening and to create space in your kitchen.

Removing this will make so much extra space for you and will allow you to add extra items there.