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Remodelling that Makes your Home Look Bigger

Everyone wants to remodel their home at some point. And, most of the time, it’s to make the home itself feel and look much bigger. The problem is that it costs to remodel a home. Sometimes, it’s too expensive.

Though, in most cases, it’s completely possible to remodel a home for less.

For only a few thousand dollars, you can make your home feel bigger. Of course, you’ll have to shop around to make that happen but its not a lot of money compared to buying a bigger house altogether.

Remodeling tips for making your home bigger

Although many homes feel perfect to their owners, some need more space. That’s why some of the most common remodeling projects involve making a home bigger.

Let’s take a look at how to make a home feel bigger through some minor (and even major) remodeling.

Extend the back of the home

Most people overlook the fact that they have a large amount of space in the back garden that may not be used to its full potential.

If you don’t use the patio space right at the back of the house that is usually kept for outdoor furniture or barbecuing then you could convert this to a conservatory or a lovely sun room to make more use of this space all year round rather than just in the sunny weather.

With some creative roofing, you can have sun all year round – another value added design that many people are employing to increase the sale price of their home.

You could of course bring any outdoor furniture indoors if you are short of space in the rest of the garden but we don’t recommend you move your BBQ smoker indoors for obvious reasons!

Reintroducing unused rooms to the home

If you have a dining room or guest room, does it get a lot of use? If it doesn’t, reintroduce those rooms back to your home.
Dining rooms easily convert into offices or study rooms. Add some storage shelves and/or a storage cabinet to store essentials within the room itself.

You can also secure a fitted and padded tablecloth to your dining room table to protect it. If the room doesn’t have doors, you can have those installed, too.

increasing size of the the living area in your house

And, of course, the room will easily convert back into a dining room when you need.

Guest rooms make perfect offices, gaming room or recreation rooms for households. So, it’s pretty useful to add some furniture back to this room to completely change its style.

Add some more space

Sometimes, you have to spend more to make a home look and feel better. That’s usually involves making some major changes to the home, though it’s worth it in the end.

Opening up a floor plan essentially expands older rooms in ways that make them feel bigger. Usually, removing doors from rooms that don’t actually need them works best.

Though, you can always invest in knocking down some interior walls to join two rooms together. If you can’t have a contractor tear down walls, adding in a pass-through or window is a better alternative.

A bump-out is another solution for adding more space to a cramped home. This home addition sits on the side of a house, acting as an extender rather than a full flown room.

Since it doesn’t use foundational work, it’s much more inexpensive than adding on more space with a foundation.

A bump-out can’t extend more than 3 feet from a home, but it can extend down the length of a home, opening up plenty of opportunities to add on more space to several rooms.


Make the most of these tips and brainstorm before doing any large scale remodeling of your house – you will be surprised at how much space you can actually make from your existing property when you try!