What type of removalist do you need for your move?

The best way to find a furniture removalist that is suited to your needs is to begin by gathering as much information about your move as possible. Doing so will help you engage a removalist that operates in the local area in which you are moving, and provides the moving service that you require.

The removalist you choose should ideally have great reviews online, a proven track record of good professional service, be capable of loading and unloading with the utmost care, arrive on time on moving day, and transport your furniture and belongings safely and securely.

So what type of removalist do you need?

Just like in any industry, removalist companies come in many different shapes and sizes, and the best way to guarantee a successful move is to find one who specialises in the type of move you have to perform.

Some moving companies handle local moves; some manage interstate moves, some help you move house, while others help you move office.

Melbourne owned and operated moving company Dumbo Move describes the main types of services moving companies specialise in:

Home Removals

Moving companies who specialise in home removals can help you move a house, apartment, or unit and usually work in crews of two to four removalists.

A two-man removals crew is usually sufficient for a one to three bedroom house move, while a four or five bedroom house usually requires three or four moving men. Most local home removals can typically be performed in a day.

Office Removals

Office or commercial removalists often need an expert team of planners and employees experienced in project management to fulfil your organisation’s deadlines and specific business moving requirements.

Depending on the size of the business, some office moves can span many days and require several trucks and movers. The removalists’ skills are more specialised to handle office equipment and delicate and expensive IT equipment.

Internal Moves

Sometimes you just need to move furniture inside your home or office and have no use for a moving vehicle. Internal moves can ordinarily be completed in an hour or two.

The moving men should come fully prepared with moving equipment and padding to protect your property and your furniture while it’s being moved from room to room.

Small Moves

Sometimes you don’t have an entire house or office to move, and only require one or two removalists for a small load of furniture or single items like a fridge, bed and mattress, sofa, or table. Removalists who specialise in small moves generally drive smaller vehicles that make the process of moving faster, saving you money.

Find out what they charge

When hiring a local removalist, ensure that all the fees and charges are specified up front. Also, make sure there are no hidden costs.

Most removalists will charge an hourly rate, so you only pay for the time that your move takes. A travel charge or depot fee is also charged for your movers to get to your location and then back to their base.

For straightforward moves, some movers will even offer a fixed price, meaning that even if the move goes over time, you won’t be charged extra.

There are a number of low-cost moving services available, but it’s not always your best option. Before hiring one, make sure that the company has excellent reviews, is reliable, and offers good service.