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What’s Wrong with Your Roof, and Who Should Fix it?

Your roof is designed to protect you and your family from all weather conditions, year-round. In Australia, due to the climatic extremes and changing environment, many homes have taken a beating.

The main reason for installing a top-quality roof or using industry approved roofing is to protect the building and people residing in it from the effects of heat, cold, rain, and wind.

Still, many homeowners don’t take care of their roofs but rather wait for a problem to appear first before taking action.

Most roofing specialists will tell you to make your roof a priority, before it’s too late, and bring your weathered roof back to its former beauty and strength through a simple, step-by-step restorations process.

A roof restoration process involves the cleaning, repairing-resealing, and repainting of concrete roofing tiles. It also involves checking or replacing damaged sarking in order to extend the life of your roof life and avoiding the cost of a complete roof replacement.

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When you are engaging a home builder to build you a new home, you want to give extra attention to the strength and quality of the roof, scaffolding, and structure.

For roof restoration companies, washing, painting, cleaning, and other quality roof-related services and activities are standard.

To help increase the life expectancy and overall look of your home, perform regular inspections and checks of your roof and, when needed, have it cleaned, painted, repaired, and restored to its original form and glory.

Taking steps to keep your roof in order can also prevent leaks or, in worst-case situations, structural damage to the timber frame.

Where new timber beams are needed, you’re best to talk to a licensed builder. If you plan to do minor repairs yourself, it’ll pay to speak with an experienced timber supplier like NHS.

Keep an eye out when cleaning your roof for any tile fragments, loosened tiles, or ones that have been damaged due to weather, exposure, or other natural causes, and have these replaced.

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A coat of paint or primer acts as a sealant against water or mildew build-up, making it more important than just an improvement to the overall look and appearance of your home.

Not only will your building’s aesthetic appeal increase, but it’ll also add more value to your home, an especially timely repair if you’re planning to put your house on the market.

Weather extremes can often damage roof tiles, and clog your gutters. Therefore, if you do not clean and maintain your roof and gutters they can more quickly deteriorate and, in extreme cases, may have to be changed completely.

Most of us are laymen when it comes to being aware of or knowing when our roofs require a restoration, cleaning, painting, or repair service.

Typically, it’s not until you notice a problem that you spring into action. It’s a far better solution to take preemptive measures, preventing any serious damage to the roof or building structure, by engaging an experienced roofing service.

A professional residential roofing service will undertake a detailed health check of your roof.

The job requires professional expertise due to the many types of roofs, structures, and materials involved.

Experienced roofers will conduct a detailed inspection and understand the extent of any damage or problems, seen or unseen.


After they have identified and analysed the situation, they’ll inform the homeowner what needs to be done to restore or rectify any problems.

They then follow a systematic, step-by-step process wherein they clean the roof, repair, and engage in a detailed restoration process. Experienced painters will then be assigned to paint, undertake any resealing and repairs, and make sure the roofing will remain sound for years to come.

Your unkempt roof can not only spoil your house’s appearance but also, it can reduce the overall value of your home.

An advanced high-pressure water cleaning device is a way quick and simple way to get your roof cleaned and spruced up, restored to its former glory. If water damage is already present, then checking the sarking is advisable.

According to Simone Homes, sarking helps deter mould growth and structural deterioration that may be caused when storm driven rain gets through the initial roof covering over a long period of time

It’s not always necessary to replace the entire roof

Certain roofs can be restored by replacing broken tiles, giving it a thorough clean, and performing any minor repairs.

Other kinds of work might be necessary by an experienced specialist roofer or painter, whereby he might apply a special membrane to further protect your home.

Roof painting will no doubt improve your roof colour with a new aesthetic appeal, but did you know that it also helps in saving power costs when employing heat-reflecting technology?

Signs of wear and tear or damages

Many homeowners wonder if they have to fully restore the roof or just repair the areas where there are problems.

A professional service will inspect and evaluate your roof completely and offer the best advice.

They will be looking to provide you with the best possible benefits and value, whether it requires simple patchwork, roof repairs, or complete roof replacement.

If your roof shows any signs of damage or wear and tear, then please protect your home and family by taking immediate action.