keeping gutters clean

Why You Should Keep Your Gutters Clean

Gutters work as channels to direct rainwater from your roof down to the ground. This process is enabled by water being carried to a downpipe or leader, which then flows down to a location that is away from the walls and foundations and thereby causes no damage to the building.

Why do gutters and roof gutters need a cleaning service?

If you are living anywhere near the bush in Australia – which is most of us – you would have noticed that most often the roof gutter in your home gets clogged by all kinds of water material, a nest of birds and possums, damp tree leaf and seeds etc.

All this can choke the guttering system and in turn cause damages to the house roofing, downpipes and rainwater cannot flow easily through the clogged guttering system down to the ground.

When your house roof gutter gets blocked, rainwater cannot pass easily through the guttering as the downpipes are compressed and there will be spillages in the sides of the roof gutter.

If an overflow occurs, there can be damages to your house, walls and roofing due to water seeping over the roof and into your home.

As a result, it is always good to clean the guttering by engaging experienced gutter cleaners from reputed roof gutter cleaning services.

A decent gutter cleaner will hand clean the guttering, removing tree leaf, employ the flush water technique to clean the roof gutter and clear clogged areas.

Roof gutter cleaning services would also likely recommend gutter guards for the guttering so as to prevent dried tree leaf accumulations in the roof gutter.

What are the steps or methods followed in gutter cleaning?

There are a couple of roof gutter cleaning methods that gutter cleaners from gutter cleaning companies engage in.

Some of those roof gutter, guttering cleaning services include:

  • A safe, effective, eco-friendly, no-bleach, low-pressure roof gutter cleaning that uses a shampoo to clean and is good for asphalt and fibreglass roof guttering.

Bleach roof gutter cleaning is also known as a soft wash and bleach is the main cleaning agent for the gutter cleaning.

In a splash and dash gutter cleaning, gutter cleaners spray a chemical and are rinsed off a little later.

This method has to be repeated often to see better results.

gutter screens

Gutter cleaners use a high-pressure blast to clean the roof and remove dirt and waste materials.

Keeping your roof gutters and drains clean is a crucial piece of home upkeep. It’s easy to concentrate on keeping the inside of our home clean yet overlook the areas we don’t often see.

This is especially true of areas outside our home and on the roof.

Gutters gather water quickly during rain and bring a lot of other debris with it. You would be astonished at the heaps of leaves and flotsam and jetsam obstructing your a neglected drain.

it only takes a small amount of debris to block the pipes.

Keeping your drains in good condition is not only important for preventing rot and build up around the house, but also as a fire prevention method.